Monday, January 24, 2011


So... we're mostly moved finally. It's such a long process. We have a ridiculous amount of stuff. Ridiculous, I say. One of our new neighbors brought us a meal last weekend. Creme Brulee French Toast! Oh.My.Word. It was delicious. To die for. I'll just take the pan and a fork, thank you very much. :)

After I got the pan washed up I figured I'd whip up a quick Thank You card to take over. It was so nice to get out some paper and play!

The patterned paper is Doodlebug. The sentiment rub-on is from Pebbles Inc. The button and ribbon came out of my stash. Sorry for the poor photo, I had to use my cellphone. My camera is still packed in a box somewhere. Sigh. So much left to do!

Thanks for stopping by, with any luck I'll have more to post soon!

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Jenn said...

Oh mycrap, I need that paper. Is it at Robert's? ???

Lorie said...

LOVE this card! That paper is fabulous!

Sparkle said...

This is just darling!

Bluegrape said...

Even with just a cellphone camera, your card still looks wonderful!

Nike said...


This card is ridiculously cute. Seriously! And oh my heck, that french toast sounds amazing ... recipe, please!

Have fun with the last little bits of unpacking :)

~ Nike@ Thrive

Kristine said...

OH my goodness... what super sweet neighbors you have!! Sounds TDF!! =) Lucky you! Cute thank you card... perfect DP!

Got your new email addy too! Thanks =0) Good luck getting situated. We're trying to clean out our garage to turn it into a bigger bedroom for our girls and that's a HUGE process right now. Tons of STUFF! Gotta find other places for it all... or say, the DUMP! That works for me! LOL! =)