Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Gift

It's time for Teacher Appreciation Week! This year I was so excited to make something fun for Adam's teacher. He has achieved so many milestones this year in school and his fabulous teacher helped make it all possible! We love her! Having a teacher that is involved and cares about Adam has made all the difference in the world.

Onto the gift-
Here is a pop-top can, actually it's a pineapple can, filled with goodies.
I called it the Emergency "Save My Day" Kit.

And next to it is the gift card holder that went inside the can. I also put in a small bottle of Tylenol(for that inevitable headache), a roll of Rolaids(in case the kids cause any indigestion), Chocolate(chocolate makes everything better) and then the gift card.

Here is the card I made to go with it. I wrote her a little note inside and had Adam write her a note too.

Hopefully she will like it!
Have a great day everyone!

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Jennifreckles said...

So cute - of course she'll love it! I'm so glad he has a great teacher this year. Benson's teacher gets, well, the teacher appreciation bulletin board I spent 3.5 hours on last friday (that's just time at the school, not the time spent at home cutting out stuff) - I was roped into it because I have guilt issues. Oh, and did I mention his teacher is teacher of the year? Meh. Guess her class just wasn't the best fit for my kid. But hey, she's been appreciated.

Courtney Fowler said...


This is too cool. What teacher wouldn't need rolaids?? I need them after a long day with kids!


Love the paper.... very "festive"

Kara said...

Love it! I will vote I think its better then last years! BUT that was good!

Julia said...

I love it! The circles are so bright and fun.