Friday, December 28, 2007

Catch-Up Post

So, Christmas is over. Can I get a "Hooray!" Not that I don't love Christmas. Well I guess I don't. I like the idea of Christmas. I love spending time with my family. I love the wonder and amazement of small children. I however do not love the greediness, mad rushing, no parking, snippy people and general holiday craziness. Do I sound like Scrooge? Sorry.

This year we went with a handmade theme, which I love. I made 4 different card sets, an apron, a message board, a cool altered CD with a gift card to a music store, family name plaques for the parents and married siblings, cocoa cones for the neighbors and friends- and did I take a picture of any of it? Nope. Totally forgot. But I did also make some ugly dolls for 3 of the nephews, and I did take pictures of those-

Here is Weird Bird which was renamed Peep by his new owner:

Here is Splat which was renamed B:

And here is Injured Eye, renamed Army:
The boys came up with much better names than I did!

So that about wraps up my crazy craftiness for the year. Today I am going to finish Thank You cards for the boys to send. This is what they look like-
I seriously love that hippo. Love it.
Thanks for listening to me rant.
Hope your Holiday festivities were happy and fun!

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