Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Throw Pillow

So, my living room is pretty boring. Tan carpet, white walls, green couches, brown chair, black accents. Boring. Really the only color in the room is the Kool-Aid stain on the carpet that just peeks out from the bottom of the couch. I guess there is also some wall art courtesy of Crayola but you can only see that when you're on the floor wiping something up. :)

So in an effort to liven up my living room (ha. I think I'm funny.) I made a throw pillow. Yes, just one. Baby steps here people. Baby steps.

Do you see all that color? Orange, red, purple, green, cream and a solid brown back! When I saw this fabric at Joann's, I knew it had to come home to live with me. I only bought a half yard because it wasn't on sale and I wasn't sure what I was going to make with it. I have enough fabric left over to make another the same size. Which is what I'll be doing so that the boys can quit fighting over who's turn it is to use it. :) I'm not sure I'm loving the button in the middle but it needed something.

And finally, thank you to those who commented on the post about my life. I felt kind of weird putting all that out there but I'm glad I did. And hopefully you were able to gain something from it. Even if it's only knowing that I have issues. :)

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Lorie said...

I lurve it! It is so pretty...wish I could sew!

Sparkle said...

This is just lovely! I love the pop of color!

Kristine said...

OOO, LOVE that pop of color!! LOVE IT! I love color. My livingroom is mostly Saffron yellow with 2 ajoined half-walls a hunter green and it is open to the dining room and kitchen which are painted Cranberry red! Use to be blue and white for the longest time. =) You are on a great start! Can't wait to see more!!