Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Belli Challenge #97- Paint

How many of you have lots of those little bottles of acrylic paint, watercolor paints, Twinkling H20's, or any other type of PAINT stashed away??? Good!! Because you need it this week!We challenge you to ADD PAINT to your project this week! Don't forget the purpose of our challenges is to use something old and neglected from your stash!

Now for my project.....

Wait. Um, there is no project. Instead I have a confession.

I don't do paint.

There I said it. Seriously, painting projects and I do not get along anymore. If it's a large project like painting a room, I can handle that. But to try and paint something small and crafty? Not happening. Sorry. I can honestly say I have very few acrylic paints that my boys use. I don't have any watercolor paints. And I don't even know what Twinkling H2O's are. Sigh. I am a paint failure.

But have no fear, the rest of the Brave Belli Girls save the day with their awesome ideas! Go check out what they've done, and I'll be here. Hanging my head in paint-less shame. ;)

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Anonymous said...

hehe...I didn't really do paint either until I got the dabbers things {i think they are ranger}. Very easy for distressing...but I still don't use them alot ;)

joy said...

Dani -- love your confession -- it's good for the soul! Thank you for your encouraging words and your wonderful sense of humor!

sari said...

*LOL* sorry...but i just LOVE what you wrote!!! Have a great day!! Why not enter the challenge with a hole room them??!! =)

Thebug415 said... are so funny! Love that you are so honest. LOL If it makes you feel better, I don't do Copics...well not yet at least...I can't afford them...ha ha. Can't wait to see your creation next Belli Day.