Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CBCC #27- Color Inspiration

This weeks challenge is a color challenge!

I'm not going to lie to you guys. This was definitely challenging for me. I suppose that would be why we call them challenges. ;)

Here's my first card. Ok, actually like my 3rd. But the first I'm willing to show.

I used the PTI Green Thumb set. All the cardstock is SU. Not my favorite card. But, it's a card. And it uses all three colors. Good enough.

Here's my next card-This time I used a SU set- Stemming From. I like this card a bit better. Still not totally sold on it though. Just to clarify, I'm not putting down my work in order to get compliments. I've really struggled lately to make anything I like. I think we all go through those stages. Maybe everyone isn't as upfront and whiney about it as I am, but hey- my blog=my whine. So tell me... how do you pull yourself out of a creative funk? I'm thinking some retail therapy might be in order...

Alright, now that you're done listening to me complain, go check out the other chicks creations. The links are on my side bar. The keyword this week is CBCC27 if you upload to SCS or PCP and be sure to link back to Courtney's blog with your creation. :)

Also I am woefully behind on my blog reading. So don't feel like you're not loved. It's just been a crazy couple days and I haven't had much time to blurf. Maybe I will get a chance to get caught up today. I promise I'll stop by soon. :)

Thanks for visiting. Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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Chrissy D said...

I hope you are feeling better Dani! I love the blues and browns and what an over achiever you are!!! WOW! 2 ADORABLE cards!

Risa Malieta W. said...

Both of your cards are beautiful Dani! Your first card is awesome and the PTI image is one of my favorites. I also love your second card! The embossing makes for a rich type card and your image is adorable.
To be honest, all of us go through periods where we aren't "feeling" our cards. Try not to be so hard on yourself, your cards are awesome girl!

Caryl P said...

I think both cards are great! It's amazing how many different creation you can come up with just by using the same colors.

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

Ok, first of all, I think you're too hard on yourself. I think they're cute... and I especially like the pair of boots.

As for getting out of those funks, the thing that usually works for me is to take a little break from stamping. A little creative vacation, if you will. That helps the juices start flowing again. :)

Lorie said...

I totally understand how frustrating it gets when you just can't stamp the things you'd like...been there done that more than once!

That said...I really do like your cards! They are both so happy!

Kim said...

Dani both of your cards are beautiful! I hate being in a creative funk and can totally relate...retail therapy and blog hopping always pull me out of mine! :) Both of your cards are great hun!
Hugs~ Kim

Anonymous said...

Both of these are great but I really love the simplicity of the last one! Great job :)

Holly said...

Great cards, and I love how they are so different from each other! Can you take me to your retail therapy too?? :-)

Sparkle said...

Your cards are just darling! They remind me of April Showers will bring May Flowers! :)

When I get in a funk, I do what I do best. For me it's making Bella cards, lol. It always inspires me to be more creative.

Carla Harrah said...

Your cards are great. Everybody is their own worst critic.

Deb said...

I think those colors would throw me for a loop! I like the 2nd better than the first - it looks more like "you."

Hang in there - you'll snap out of it and be a crafting crazy woman here again before you know it! :O)

Donna said...

Great cards, Dani. I was thinking of trying this one too if I can find a blue that might match. I don't necessarily have the right colors. The boots are so cute!

Donna said...

Hi Dani,
I'm going to try to get this challenge done but it's getting late. Thanks for sending me the envelope directions. I may have questions later and I'll let you know. I left something on my blog for you but you'll have to visit to find out what. Have a great Friday!