Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feel Better Soon

Last card from my CHF Comforting Hugs set. For now. :) Are you sick of this set yet? Because I still have more stuff I made with it. I'll just try and post some other stuff in the mix so you don't get bored! I made this card for my grandpa a while ago. He wasn't doing too swell so I thought this might make him feel better. The paper is Chatterbox and I've had it forever. Chatterbox used to be my go-to company for paper. And now it is so hard to find. Oh well. What do ya do?

The field trip was fun but cold. The kids all had a good time though and Owen only changed his mind about 20 times before he settled on the perfect pumpkin! LOL! And the nice farmer that ran the place gave all the moms an ear of Indian corn "for our patience"! He was too funny!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone! I'm off to the grocery store so my kids can eat! :)

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Lorie said...

Adorable my friend! I loved going to the pumpkin patch with my kids when they were young! :o)

Courtney said...

Oh this is soooo sweet! I love this set...

Glad to hear that you had fun at the patch! They're so fun!

Catherine said...

cute! I'm taking my daughter to a pumpkin patch sometime this week or this weekend, hopefully she won't change her mind like Owen...LOL!

Deb said...

I'm a lame mom. We won't do the pumpkin patch thing. The kids got coupons for a free pumpkin from Macey's. Think I could take my camera and count the pumpkin selecting at Macey's as a trip to the pumpkin patch?

LOVE this card! The Chatterbox is perfect. I love their paper - the linen feel, colors, and designs were just so me.