Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A RAK-ey kind of post

How cute is this card?! Lorie sent it to me with some adorable clear stamps for participating in her Sheetload challenge. I have to say, her SheetLoad card looks way better than my attempt! LOL!

Thank you so much Lorie! I love it!

Now for the Kids Summer RAK signup-

Here's what I am thinking- We will go in a rotation, once a week you will RAK someone different. For example, week 1- I would RAK Deb's kids; week 2- Lorie; week 3- Courtney, etc, etc... That way the kids get stuff from all over. Make sense? And I will keep track of all the info and send out email reminders with the info for the family you are RAK'ing. Now if that works for everyone, fill out your info and get it to me by Monday July 7. Then we will start at the end of that week. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions! Remember- we are going for small here! Just a postcard or "hello" type card. I want this to be economical so it is not pricey for anyone. Especially since I would like to do once a week. If this is too much, please let me know!

Copy and paste this, fill it out and email it to me if you are interested in participating.
Your Name-
Child(children) Name(first and last) and age-
Your Email address-
Address to send RAK-
Child(children) favorite colors-
Anything special to know about child-
Anything we should know about you-
Who's the best blogger ever(this is where you put me!)-

Alright, you don't really have to answer that last question!
Thanks guys, I think this will be fun!

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Lorie said...

You are welcome! I'm glad you like it but I do think your 2nd attempt at that challenge was fantastic! I'll e-mail you my responses and go by some Washington State postcards! :o)