Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A challenge...

and how NOT to do it!

Lorie issued us a challenge to make one or more cards using this months Sheetload design.
Here is my first attempt. Notice the upside down torn portion. Yeah, it helps to actually look at the design before you start ripping up paper!

No sentiment, no embellishments. I figured I better stop before it got any worse. Look, even my camera doesn't like it! It wouldn't focus on it! Ha!

And here is attempt #2.

Ahhhhh, better. Still not exactly like the design, but much more pleasing to look at. And ribbon makes everything better, right? So there you have it. My advice? Try reading the directions and measurements before you start creating! LOL! Save yourself the headache!

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Courtney Fowler said...

I think both attempts are GREAT! Upside down or not... it's got Dani flair! tee hee hee!

Add you some ribbon or skittles to the first one, and it'll look just like the second!


Lorie said...

Ummm...I love the 2nd card and I'm are right...the first one probably isn't your best work.

You are so funny!

Jennifreckles said...

Ribbon does make everything better! You just have to figure out how to use it properly. Like for my allergies. I want the ribbon to make them better, I just don't know the proper use yet. Hope I figure it out soon.