Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Tag and an Award!

MJ from TechnoStamper tagged me last week.
7 Random Things About Me

1.My name is Danielle. Everyone calls me Dani. But I always introduce myself as Danielle. But everyone calls me Dani. To avoid this, I named my boys names that couldn't be shortened into nicknames. Don't know why that bugs me. But it does.

2. My all time favorite salty snack is Lays Wavy plain potato chips and Nalley's Dill Pickle dip. Yum.

3. I hate socks. I am always wearing flip flops. Unless it is raining or snowing. Then I am probably wearing slip on tennies with no socks.

4. I had an imaginary friend growing up. His name was Tito.

5. I don't like pink. Unless it's a salmon-ish color, or a really light soft shade. Otherwise, no thanks.

6. I really want to have a little girl. I'm tired of being the only female in my house. It wont happen, we're done having kids, but I still want to have a girl. She wont like pink either.

7. Last one. Still with me? I don't like to drink water. It has to have some sort of flavor in it or it makes me want to gag. If it's super super cold and purified so that it has no taste, I can drink it. But if it's the least bit warm or chlorine tasting, Gag-City! :)

Then I'm supposed to tag 7 other people.
So, hey you. You 7 people that read this.
Tag. You're it.

And Alex over at California Stampin' gave me this award(Thanks Alex!)-

Which I am going to pass on to my awesome 3 Little DReaMs design team members!

This weekend I tried making some new stuff to show you this week. It all ended up in the garbage. My mojo has decided to take the vacation that I so badly need. Rude. I'll keep trying though! I promise to post something soon! LOL!

Have a great Monday!
Do something crafty!

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Alexandra said...

You deserve it girl - even if you don't like pink, lol!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Kara said...

OK in my defence you have always been dani and even when I try to say Danielle It is just WIERD! There! HEHE!

Katie Skiff said...

Tito!! LOL... That makes me laugh. Don't know why. Thanks for sharing those juicy tips!

Lorie said...

Your daughter won't like pink? What kind of a girl are you? LOL!!! Get back to crafting...I NEED to see some of your stuff!

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

Well, Danielle, thanks for the info and award. ;)

Where did you get this funky new blog layout? I'm diggin' it!

Courtney said...

I learned a lot about you, Danielle!

tee hee hee!