Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sewing Coasters

Sorry for the late post, today was the first day of school for Adam. Had to get him out the door. And then I had to lay down for a bit since I was up all night with a migraine.

But here's my sewing project! Coasters!
You're probably wondering why I would sew coasters. We have this awesome kitchen table. However when you set anything hot or moist on it, it gets these white spots from the moisture. They go away but I figure they can't be great for the table, ya know? We've tried regular coasters made of cork or tile but the condensation from drinks just rolls off and on to the table. So I set out to see if I could make some that would absorb better. That's when I found this tutorial on Made By Nichole. Perfect!

Here they are in all their imperfect glory-

I kind of like that they aren't perfect. Makes them more "mine" if you know what I mean.
Next on the list- placemats! I know, I know, I lead a very exciting life. :)

But now I must go feed a little boy who is sad that he doesn't start kindergarten for another week.

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Lorie said...

Love those...what a fun project!

Nicole Maki said...

These are gorgeous, Dani.

Such cute fabric!

I love the fancy quilting you did - the criss-cross and concentric squares are so cool I might try them myself.

Great job!

Sorry about your migraine, hope you got some rest.

Lynn said...

Super cute coasters Dani! Love the Mary E. fabric on some of them. Sorry you had a migraine, hope you feel better today.