Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Belli Challenge #69- Texture!

***Warning! This is a long post! Feel free to just look at the pictures and skip over my rambling!***

So this weeks Belli Challenge is to use some texture on your card. Flock, flower soft, mesh, etc. Sound pretty simple, huh? Here's my card. And then I'll tell you about my adventures making it.

OH MYLANTA!!! This card was certainly a challenge(that's a nice way of putting it)! First I had to find a stamp suitable for flocking. In all the stamps I own, it was ridiculously hard to find one that would work for flock- without using an entire bottle of glue in the process. Finally I settled on this tree image from Stampin' Up! I stamped it in Chocolate Chip in and then went over the leaves with my glue pen and covered it in flock. And in the process ended up spilling the green flock everywhere! It was all over my desk, in my hair, up my nose(ewww!), covering my clothes... you get the point. Everywhere.

Then I had to figure out a way to cut the darned thing out. Because I wasn't smart enough to cut it out before I started flocking. And I should have been smart enough because Holly had the same issue and warned us all, LOL! So I'm sitting there staring at the tree trying to think of a way to cut it out without smushing all the fuzz. Then it dawns on me, use a frame! So I dig out my chipboard stash and start looking for a frame. Finally find one I like. Decide to sponge some color on it in hopes I won't make a bigger mess trying to cover it in paint or paper or something. Wrong. Somehow I managed to get ink all over my desk and hands. Arg. By this time I'm ready to throw the whole thing out and start over.

But I persevered and went on to pick out some patterned paper. I pull out my crate of small paper pads and start flipping through them. While doing so, an earwig crawled out of a Basic Grey pad and ran across my desk(double ewww!!!)! Are you freaking kidding me?!? I hate earwigs. HATE them! So I killed it(ewww again) and picked out this stripey paper from the BG Mellow pad. Finally I got the whole thing put together. Ugh.

Here is a close up of all the texture I worked so hard for and had to kill a bug for(ewww).

So, there you have it. My adventures in texture. Sigh. This may be the last thing I flock for a while... :)


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Joan Ervin said...

This is such an adorable card, Dani!!! I just love the tree and those fuzzy little leaves!!!! Love how you added the frame, too...great way to fix your little oops!!!

Kathy said...

OK, now, I don't know what an earwig is, but by the way you reacted, I don't think I want to know. EEEEWWWWW. I have the creepy crawlies now.
I'm not familiar with flock, but you did a great job. The card is very nice. :o)

Robin Kirkpatrick said...

Dani, your story is hysterical! And every time I come to your blog and see your elbow with black StazOn all over it, I crack up! You have certainly had your challenges! I especially love that after all the trauma you went through to make this card, you ended up using paper from the 'Mellow' collection! Such irony! Great job on the card and with your storytelling!!

Fern said...

Love your card, Dani, fabulous job on the flocking and I love the layers... So glad you persevered and didn't throw it out.. :0)

Holly said...

EW on the bugs and the EWWWWWWWW on the flocking up your nose..... LOL I'm so glad you persevered and created this card. I LOVE the flocking on the leaves!

jdmommy said...

I finally stopped laughing! The image of the flock all over, the earwig (double eeeeeeww!), the frame mishap, was really funny (cuz it wasn't me!). I love your tree, by the way, and the paper was worth the stomping on the aforementioned bug!! GReat job!! (and some went up your nose??????)

Lorie said...

Well, my friend...after all that drama your card sure does look amazing! I sincerely dislike (my way of saying hate) earwigs, too. I had a house a long time ago where they were over the front door and anytime I opened it they would fall on me...GROSS!!

Joanne Travis said...

Love the flocked leaves and the beautiful texture that detail adds. Such a beautiful card, well worth all of the troubles!!

Sparkle said...

Your card is lovely. I'm glad you both made it out okay!

Anne said...

Awww Ms. Ceal, this was surely worth the trouble!!! I love the FS leaves!! So very creative! I didn't know what an earwig was so I looked it up on Wikipedia -- oh gawddd!!! Who invented those?? At least they have good taste in DP, right?

Risa said...

You are too funny Dani! The things we go through to make a card at times:) I have to tell you that your troubles paid off big time, your card is beautiful! I love your card!