Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sketch Book

This is a sketch book for one of my nephews. He and his brother love to draw, and they're pretty good to boot. So this is what I made him for Christmas. I made one for his brother too, but you have to wait until tomorrow to see that one. Anyway, they will each get a sketch book of their own and then to share, we are giving them a ream of paper, pencils, glue and some other artsy-odds-n-ends.

The little monster guy is from CHF- Kim Hughes Little Guy set. Such cute boy images. :)

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Kathy said...

Great idea! I love that paper too, so cute.

Alexandra said...

This is adorable Dani!! I am bettin' he will LOVE this!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Send me your addy girl, I need it!

Lorie said...

How cute and what a great gift! I love when I figure out the perfect thing and it sure sounds like you did! :o)

Jennifreckles said...

Ack! They will love it! I love that paper (not that I have it or anything - I NEVER buy what you have).

Catherine said...

this is too cute :)
can't wait to see the other one

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

I love the robots! Cute!