Saturday, June 28, 2008

Got It!

Yep, I did. Got myself a lil' bug! It's so cute! The boys love it too, I may have to get some Cuttlekids dies. For the kids of course! :)

Thank you to everyone for your advice. You all are awesome! Thanks to everyone for sending me Michaels coupons too. And to show my appreciation, I put everyones name in a drawing for a prize.

I had Adam draw the name.

And I'm not even kidding. Courtney won again. How does she do that? Some sort of random drawing magic? Crazy. :) And I have the original video source of Adam drawing the name if anyone wants to see it! LOL!

Look for something made with my new toy soon. I have to make some time to play today!
Have a great Saturday!

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Lorie said...

I demand a recount! LOL!!! Congrats Courtney and Congrats to you Dani for getting such a fun toy!!!

Kara said...

HURRAY for you and Courtney!

Courtney Fowler said...

It's MAGIC... you don't even want to know what all else I can do. tee hee hee!

I am SO EXCITED! What a wonderful suprise! Thank you soooooo much, Dani!

And I am EVEN MORE EXCITED that you bit the bullet, passed up the grocery store, and spent some money on yourself! Yay!!!

Deb said...

Hooray! You got it!

Can't wait to see what you make with your new tools!