Monday, April 14, 2008

An Invite and An EEK!

Here are the invites I made for our Mother's Day lunch next month. We get together and eat and visit and we usually end up at the cemetery to put flowers on Grandma's grave. It's nice.

I love this Tart and Tangy stamp set and the matching Summer Picnic paper. So cute. Kara, do you approve?

Now for the EEK!
And would ya look at what Adam found-
The boys were across the street at my sisters house and they found 3 garden snakes. EEK! I'm not a big fan of snakes. He wanted to keep them. In the house. In my house. Ummm, no. They are free now. Back to the wilds of my sisters backyard. Thanks sis.

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Courtney Fowler said...

Oh my! I love that card, Dani! I would have never thought to put the fruit all together like that... I'm in such a punch it out mood. I LOVE IT!

And ewwww.... I would have killed and not looked back! I don't like snakes! We have a lot of poisonous ones here... so we kill... then try to figure out what kind it is!!!

Kara said...

How could I NOT APPROVE! Love them! (The cards not the snakes!) How lucky for Shani, I am sure the boys had fun!

Janean Campbell said...

OH I love this card...I hate snakes..Yuckk..

Lorie said...

What a fun, bright invite! Totally would have made me smile! Okay,if it had been me seeing those snakes you would have heard me scream from where you live...yuck!

Bunny B said...

That card is adorable! Love it!!
Snakes that aren't in the zoo are scary!

rkkresser said...

Love the cards. Hate the snakes. Thanks for the cute cards you made me. I wish I had your crafty gene.

Wife2TJ said...

CUTE card, I love it! NOT so cute snakes! I am a snake-a-phobic. I was shivering just looking at that picture. I hope when I have boys they don't "surprise" me with snakes. YUCK! -Samantha

Paula said...

Make that a big EEK from me too!! LOL!

Love the card but you can keep your little snakes ;) LOL!

Julia said...

Love the cards, love the snakes! I hate spiders. Snakes are ok in my books!