Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Apples for Appie

My boys call my mom "Grandma Appie" strange right? Well only a little. When Adam was a baby he loved applesauce. So every time we went to see Grandma, she made sure to have applesauce on hand. He would call it "appie sauce." After awhile when we said we were going to Grandmas he would ask "Gramma appie sauce?" And then soon after that he just started calling her Appie. He still calls her that. Owen does too. Although I think Owen might be calling her Grandma Happy. Close enough.

Back to the card- My mom has always been there for me. And lately she has been especially supportive. So I wanted to send her a card and tell her how much I appreciate her. Hence, the apples. I thought of her when I found this paper and bought it with her in mind.

Now a question for everyone-
Do you prefer when I include supplies for my projects? Or does it not really matter to you?
Just wondering.

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Kara said...

i love grandma appie to! she is great! but shanis kids call her grandma dani!

Tanja said...

Don't worry about listing supplies unless you utilize a special one. This card is so cute and simple! It reminds me of the summer picnic paper from SU. I know your mom loved your card!